Ljusterö church

Ljusterö church is located in the middle of Ljusterö and since 1997 it belongs to Ljusterö-Kulla parish. The church is a white painted, octagonal wooden church. From the outside the church reminds you of an archipelago house but if you go inside it reminds you of a medieval church where you can see oil paintings from the 1600 - 1700 century.To the east from the church there is a yellow painted rectory located, built in the 1870s. There is also a church school and the church cemetery is surrounded by a wall from the 1750s.


The north of Ljusterö got its first chapel in the 1600s, possibly already in the 1500s. The chapel was built in the village Mellansjö close to Mittensjön. The village Mellansjö was gathered on a hill until the new shift reform “laga skifte” in 1865, then several farms was removed from the village. A new chapel replaced the old one in the 1750s and it was built 250 meter northeast from the old chapel, renamed Kyrksjön. The chapel was built by lying timber with external red-colored panel and wood roof. In the end of 1800s decisions was made to rebuild and redesign the chapel into the church it´s today.

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