Kontorshuset Stop 76

Kontorshuset Stop 76 is a three storey shop of experiences. You will find mobile phones and computers, stationery, gifts, toys and books.


Mobile phones and computers including service and repair with express service. The design, shape and colour of the mobile phone is as important as its features.

Stationery for both home and office use. Design calendars, pads and pencils, study material and consumables for offices and shops. A wide selection and quick delivery of special orders. For large deliveries, you can connect to Kontorshuset’s business order website for easy deliveries directly from the central warehouse in Växjö.

Gift department with well-known brands like Orrefors/Kostaboda and several other quality brands. Kontorshuset has a focus on seasonal shapes and colours throughout the year. Local produce are highly appreciated.

The more than 100 m2 toy department on the bottom floor is a part of the Nordic store chain NTT, operating under the brand of Lekextra.

The bookstore on the upper floor is part of the Ugglan bookstore chain. 1200 unique titles fills up the shelves each year. Kontorshuset is also a publisher of childrens’ books based on self-created characters from Östhammar, a tale for the entire family.