Kajak & Uteliv, Gräddö

Your kayaking adventure starts here! We at Kajak & Uteliv will help you have a fantastic kayaking experience. We start out from one of our two bases in Stockholm's northern archipelago, Gräddö and Furusund, but the entire archipelago is waiting for you.


At Gräddö, on the border between the lush inner archipelago and the more barren outer archipelago, you can rent a kayak, take a kayaking course or take part in a guided kayak trip. We also offer courses in stand up paddle boarding and board rentals. At our newly opened base in Furusund, you can rent a kayak for your own trip, perhaps go down to Högmarsö or to Sweden's oldest national park Ängsö which is at a suitable paddling distance.

Kayak rental
Realize your kayaking dream and rent a kayak - the perfect way to relax and enjoy nature’s peace and harmony. Kajak & Uteliv offers high-class kayak rental in the Stockholm archipelago. For your own safety, we want you to go kayaking together with at least one other person and prefer you to have participated in a guided tour or course or having a kayaking pass already.

Kayaking courses
We arrange kayaking courses at different levels - everyone can learn to kayak and enjoy kayaking in different ways. Whether you have never sat in a kayak or paddled for many years, we will help you keep up your development! We follow the steps of the paddle pass training and offer courses throughout the season.

Guided kayaking tours
We arrange a variety of kayaking trips in the Roslagen archipelago, ranging from a few hours with the family to longer trips in the outer archipelago! Do you want to enjoy nature’s peace and quiet on your own? Try our self-guided tours that will give you both the knowledge and the skills to go kayaking on your own.

Stand Up Paddle
Stand Up Paddle, or its abbreviation SUP, can be briefly explained as standing up on a board while moving forward with the help of a paddle with a longer shaft. With us, you can both take courses and rent boards for your trip.

Group events and conferences
Choose an active and relaxing group kayaking event in Roslagen's scenic archipelago north of Stockholm. Kayak & Uteliv is happy to help you tailor your conference or other kind of group events. No group is too small or too large, we arrange kayaking for everyone.

Private lessons or private kayaking guide
We are happy to help you take the next step in developing your kayaking skills through private lessons, entirely focusing on you.
We can also be the guide for you and your group during a one or several days’ kayaking.
Price on request.

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