Kafé Smedjan, Pythagoras Industrimuseum, Norrtälje

Kafé Smedjan is a cozy café with the same opening hours as the museum. Here is also an exhibition about the history of the factory.
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You can have a nice cup of coffee in the café or just sit down for a while and enjoy the atmosphere. The café serves a simple selection of tasty pastries, sandwiches and pancakes.

Groups visiting the museum or coming for a conference can book coffee or a light meal in advance.

The premises used to be the factory forge. Unfortunately, there are no pictures left from the forge, so one does not exactly know how it used to look. In the 1980’s, a car mechanic rented the premises and tore out the interiors. Today there are still some remnants left, like the transmission belts in the ceiling and a hatch where the chimney for the forge used to be.