cbis:1980937 John Ash Redforsen
cbis:1980937 John Ash Redforsen

Handelsbanken in Östhammar

You are always welcome with questions and concerns about your finances. As a customer, you choose where you want to meet us - digitally, by phone or at the bank branch.


We are close at hand at several locations in beautiful Roslagen. We look forward to helping you with both big and small questions, with everything from advice on your pension savings and buying a home to your company's next investment.

We think decisions should be made close to you as a customer by advisers who have extensive knowledge of the local market. With commitment and a will to understand your position in life, we create a long-term relationship together. We have the large bank's knowledge and expertise, just a little more personally packaged.

Welcome to contact us whether you are already a customer or considering becoming one!