Gammel Gränome hostel, Alunda

At Gammel Gränome hostel you are staying in the simple and homely style of a classic hostel countryside hostel. The style is simple but beautiful in an old manor house setting in the countryside of Uppland.


The traditional red cottages are close to the manor house. One of the cottages has a small pentry. Hostel guests have access to a newly renovated and fully equipped kitchen on the first floor of the manor house. There is also a common lounge and a TV room. Shower and toilets close to the rooms.

Guests at Gammel Gränome hostel bring their own bed-linen and towels. Cushions and duvets are provided.

Have the entire manor house to yourself
You may book the entire property for a private party. The manor house is a beautiful setting for a wedding, family gathering, camp and simliar events. There is a total of 30 beds altogether on the property.