cbis:1972729 Galej Öregrund
cbis:1972729 Galej Öregrund
cbis:1972729 Galej Öregrund
cbis:1972729 Galej Öregrund

Galej Öregrund

  • Phone number (booking): 070-6262131
  • Contact person name: Lelle
  • Visiting address: Hamnen Öregrund Öregrund
Galej is a ship that will give you an unique archipelago experience. You will now be able to have your own floating restaurant at a place of your choice in the northern part of Roslagen.


At Galej you will be able to book a food and drinks experience for a small or large party in a unique archipelago setting.

For private parties, the food and the dancefloor can come to your jetty or island.

Tasting sessions of traditional liquor arranged by Norrtelje Brenneri - take the opportunity to take part in the exclusive tasting session and have a chat with the distillery manager.

Weddings - reception or mingle with for example champagne and canapes.
After work - shorter trips will be done during summer. Follow Öregrund Galej at Facebook for more information! During some of the darker late summer nights stargazing will be arranged at Galej. Join us and enjoy the starry sky at sea - TOTAL MAGIC! The best time for this is the second half of August, book now!

Galej also offers sea taxi in the northern part of the Roslagen archipelago - Grisslehamn, Östhammar, Öregrund and Örskär.