Furusund värdshus

Furusund Värdshus, restaurant

The well-loved Swedish composer Evert Taube is famous for singing about his memories of Furusund. And that is exactly what Furusund Värdshus aim to create - cherished memories.


Furusund Värdshus is situated with a fabulous view of the Furusundsleden waterway, just about an hour’s drive from Stockholm. Whatever season you might choose to visit Furusund Värdshus will impress you with its sense of proximity to the sea and the archipelago.

The restaurant seats 100 guests and the food is created in an open kitchen so you can observe how your meal is prepared. The focus is on ecological local produce and the food is prepared with care to bring out the best of the ingredients. With a strong passion for food and service, Furusund Värdshus is now a top-class restaurant.

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