Forsmark Manor

  • Visiting address: Forsmars bruk Postal Address: 742 94 Östhammar
Forsmark Manor has a long history dating back to the mid-18th century. Come visit and learn more about this cultural heritage and enjoy the beautiful historical environment.


The estate owner at the time, John Jennings, had two manor houses built at Forsmark. Jennings had reached a high position in society, which demanded him and the ironworks village to keep to high standards. He initiated major changes to the Forsmark area, starting with a building a home for himself.

The old manor house was finished in 1765, but did not hold up to the grandeur of the neighbouring manors. The old manor at Forsmark appeard too modest and a bit old fashioned. Jennings then contacted Jean-Eric Rehn and commissioned him to draw a new manor house and also a master plan for the entire ironworks area.

The new manor house was finished in 1774, unfortunately too late for Jennings to enjoy as he passed away in 1733 at only 44 years of age. In 1781 Samuel af Ugglas moved in to the new manor house with his family. Samuel af Ugglas resumed Jennings’ work with a master plan and completed it in a grand manner.

Today both manor houses serve as conference facilities for Vattenfall and Forsmarks Kraftgrupp.