Fishing trip with Tvärnö Djur och Natur

  • Price information: Please contact us for more information and prices.
  • Phone number: 0730-388514
  • Contact person email: tvarno.natur@gmail.com
  • Visiting address: Tvärnö Mellangården 755 Postal Address: 742 91 Östhammar
Tvärnö Djur och Natur offers guided fishing trips in the archipelago of Öregrund and Östhammar. Katarina Johansson runs Tvärnö Djur och Natur together with Nicklas Johansson. Katarina is born and raised on Tvärnö, so this is her home waters. She is a trained sport fishing guide with a good knowledge of fishing, especially for pike, but also other species. Fishing is done from a Silver Shark 580.


Come and fish with hand-line for herring in the spring, spin and reel for pike and perch in the spring, summer and autumn or ice fishing for pike during the winter. No previous knowledge required - you will learn the throwing techniques and other things you need to know. For everyone from beginners to the experienced.
Tvärnö Djur och Natur partners with Mellangården at Tvärnö, which offers accommodation in a modern house on the farm.

We start from Tvärnö but can meet up at another place by agreement.


At the roundabout at the entrance to Östhammar; drive north towards Öregrund / Gävle. After about two kilometers, turn right at the sign 'Golfbana, Långalma, Raggarö'. From that sign, it is 21 kilometers to Mellangården (feel free to set the car's tripometer). Follow the signs for 'Raggarö' at each intersection. After you pass a red saw mill on your left handside, 'Tvärnö Såg & Hyvleri', take the first left road where our farm is located.