Looking for adventure? Bring your friend, fellow student, organization or why not just treat yourself to an extraordinary experience? Eventbanan will tailor the event to your requirements.


Eventbanan in Norrtälje offers an extraordinary, tailor made experience for companies, schools, organizations or private parties. The high rope courses are open for everything from corporate conferences to hen or stag nights. They are specialised in teambuilding, personal development och leadership training. There is a focus on concepts like behaviour, communication and group development with target image training in the air, on the ground and in the water.

Eventbanan also has a network of partners with whom they can offer joint events including talks and workshops on themes like:
Organization, corporate and process development
Wellness and health
Mentorship and personal development

Highly qualified staff and a high level of safety
Eventbanan’s staff is well trained in how to handle high rope courses. The activities are carried out with professional equipment which is maintained and controlled according to manufacturer’s instructions. The courses are regularly inspected.

Rules of conduct:
Participation is not allowed if you are under influence of alcohol or drugs - there is a zero-tolerance limit.
Maximum weight per person is 110 kg.
Long hair needs to be worn up for safety and loose items put away before you start climbing.
Wear durable clothes - Eventbanan AB does not assume any responsibility for damage to clothing.
People who are pregnant, have a heart condition or high blood pressure are advised not to do this activity.