Upptäck Öregrund med appen Visir Uplandia

Augmented history

Öregrund´s harbour - Augmented history

The founding father of Swedish industry, Louis de Geer, has moored his vessel Svea in Öregrund harbour. The year is 1626. You are standing in the same place and can use the Visir app to time travel, step on board the ship and meet Louis.You can stroll around the harbour and experience a time when trade, iron and industry were booming. A time when Öregrund was one of Sweden's most important cities. The app also offers tasks to those of you who want to be part of history.

The Visir app allows you to take a trip several hundred years into the past. Experience right where you are, but in a whole different century. Meet the people who lived then and try doing their work. Everything you see and hear is based on historical fact.

How to use Visir

  1. Download the Visir Uplandia app.
  2. Open the app once you are at Öregrund harbour.
  3. Aim the camera of your phone/tablet towards what you can see.
  4. Want to test the app at another location? Select "offside mode".
  5. Experience history in Augmented Reality.


Visir is a collaboration bewteen Region Uppsala, the county's municipalities, destination companies and Disir Productions AB.