The English Garden at Forsmark Ironworks

In order to fully experience all parts of an English landscape garden you need to enter and explore. The garden’s gems are not supposed to be obvious and easily seen. You will walk in an undulating landscape, over meandering brooks and arched bridges. The park at Forsmark is quite small compared to other English gardens, but is still characterized by these fundamental features. Water is the most important element in an English landscape garden.


Samuel af Ugglas founded the English garden during the 1780s. The park attracted national attention in 2009 for sharing the fourth place in the Sweden’s Most Beautiful Park competition.

The park has served as a location for the filming of Selma Lagerlöf’s “Gösta Berlings saga” during the 1920’s, featuring the famous actor Greta Garbo.

This is a perfect place for pausing to enjoy nature and perhaps have a picnic after a day of activities around Forsmark Ironworks village. Map of the area to be found in the tourist information center.