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Dogger is Sweden’s leading provider of sport fishing equipment. Visit the fishing shop or buy fishing equipment online at good prices. Here you will find fishing equipment from all popular brands. Baits and lures, clothing, reels, rods - whether you are a pro or a recreational fisher, you will find what you need in our wide assortment.


There are lots of good fishing spots with land access in Roslagen and even more chances of finding a great fishing spot for those going by boat. There are a number of places to rent a boat. Another option is to get in touch with a fishing guide who will help you with the right equipment and take you where the fish bites.

Mostly, people who want to go fishing like to do their own arrangements. A good piece of advice is to contact your local fishing shop or fishing club for tips on what species and waters to go for at that particular time of year. If you are in or around Norrtälje, Dogger is the obvious place to visit, being the Swedish leader in sport fishing and possessing all the knowledge that is needed for successful fishing.

You do not need expensive equipment to try fishing, but it is important to have a bit of basic knowledge. Using handheld fishing equipment, like for example a fishing pole or rod, are generally allowed along the coast. If you want to go fishing in a lake, however, you will generally need a fishing license.

Sometimes, the line between coast and lake can be hard to distinguish, so we recommend you contact your local fishing shop where they will know the rules of the area. You will also be able to by a fishing license there, if that is required. In order to have long term, sustainable fishing, some waters are protected from fishing during the period 1 April - 15 June.

You will find information about fishing regulations and protected areas at the county administration’s website. https://www.lansstyrelsen.se/stockholm/djur/fiske.html

The so-called free fishing we have in Sweden only applies to handheld equipment. Fishing with static fishing gear, like trammel nets, pots etc. requires you to have your own fishing waters or an agreement with the owner of the water area. Trolling or similar methods where the bait is trailing behind the boat is not allowed. If you go fishing in winter, ice fishing with a jig is allowed. When it comes to ice fishing with several rods or tip-ups it bedomes a bit more complicated - your local fishing shop will help you sort it out. Keep safety in mind and never go out on the ice without ice claws.

There are lots of great reed bays in Roslagen where the pikes will be lurking. What many people do now know, however, is the fact that you are only allowed to keep three pikes per person per day. Pikes shorter than 40 cm and longer than 75 cm shall always be put back into the water. If you want fish to prepare for a meal, you will be able to go for perch, pikeperch and the most easily caught fish of all, the Baltic herring.

To wish someone good luck when they are going fishing means they will have bad luck, so instead we say “Shit Fishing”!