Christmas buffet at Restaurant Hummelgrund

  • Phone number: 0173 31000
  • Contact person name: Charlotte af Ugglas
  • Contact person email: info@hummelgrund.com
  • Visiting address: Hamngatan 18 Postal Address: 74242 Öregrund
Christmas buffet * Christmas party * Christmas conference
Physically disabled facilities Pets allowed Wireless access WC Fully licensed Child friendly Christmas Dinner Non smoking Canteen Physically disabled facilities Wheelchair accessible


We set up a luxurious Christmas buffet with our own Twist in 5 servings from the 1rst - 19th of December. We offer you the opportunity as an entrepreneur or private person to come after what suits you. Rent the entire restaurant for the whole company or book a cozy Christmas dinner with the nearest family or your loved one.
Our opening hours are:
Wednesday -Thursday 17:00 - 01:00
Friday - Sunday 12:00 -01:00