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Walloon Mills & Iron Works

Welcome to the Walloon Iron works

The well preserved Walloon works of Roslagen tells a unique piece of industrial history. The Roslagen area with its abundant natural resources was the perfect place to establish the ironworks of the seventeenth century. The Walloons were recruited for their skills and craftsmanship and wrought iron from the Walloon works soon became a world-leading product. The Wallon works have today become unique tourist attractions. At Österbybruk you can take part in guided tours and ghost walks. You can also visit yearly events like the folk music festival Nyckelharpstämman, the theatre performance Jernets Fångar and the music and lights festival Eldfesten. The classical music festival Sommarnattens toner is performed every year at Skebobruk and in Berkinge you will find one of Sweden’s longest water slides.

The Wallon Iron Works of Roslagen

Most works are also charming towns with picturesque little houses, while the manor house and the church are traditionally situated at each end of the residential area. Read more about the Iron works below.

Wira bruk

In Roslagen there are also iron works without connection to the Walloons. Sweden´s first  bladesmith´s forge was Wira Bruk, which was founded in the 1630s by Admiral Clas Fleming because King Gustav II Adolf wanted to establish an organised arms industry for the Thirty Years’ War. Today there are well-preserved smithies, an art smithy, a boutique, a small museum and a restaurant.

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