The Arholma battery

The Arholma battery was a top-secret coastal defence facility from 1968. With a complement of 340 men, it was intended to protect Sweden against enemy invastions during the Cold War.


Battery Arholma is strategically located by the sea on the northern tip of the island Arholma.

Due to safety reasons, the facility is only open for the public during the guided tours.

The tour begins with an exciting introduction movie and then you will be guided in large parts of the facility. The tour ends up at the piece, where you also can enjoy a fantastic view of the free sea horizon.

During the tour you get to hear about and experience the exciting but dangerous environment as the conscripts and officers would face during the Cold War.


Waxholmsbolaget's boats depart all year round from "Simpnäs Brygga" on Väddö, North of Norrtälje. There is a car parking.

You find the timetable at www.waxholmsbolaget.se Table 30.

During the summer there is also a boat that departs from Strömkajen in Stockholm directly to Arholma, see Table 27.

Bus: 676 from Stockholm to Norrtälje and change to bus 636 to Simpnäs Brygga. From Simpnäs Brygga take the boat to Arholma. See the time table for which buses suitable for boats.