Åkersberga Centrum

  • Phone number: 46 08-52280310
  • Visiting address: Stationsvägen 5 Postal Address: 18438 Åkersberga
Welcome to the heart of Österåker. Åkersberga shopping center is located in Österåker municipality, 30 kilometers north of Stockholm city center.


The shopping center is centrally located close to the Roslagsbanan commuter rail, busses and road 276. In the autumn of 2010, Åkersberga Centrum was reopened with a new 12,000 square metre extension. This included 20 new shops, a first step towards a doubling of the trade supply. Later, further shopping concepts were added, H&M, Q, Kjell & Co and Ur & Penn. This added up to nearly 60 shops, restaurants and cafés. Visitors will find a wide selection of shopping and about 900 parking spaces.