Boat excursion to Söderarm lighthouse


Take the opportunity of visiting the outer archipelago and the Söderarm lighthouse.

Only 3 single spaces left!
14/7, 21/7 and 4/8

A new boat line will be in serve from Stockholm / Norrtälje - Kapellskär - Söderarm.

Two departures per week, Wednesdays and Thursdays, during July as well as the first week of August. The boats have two points of departure: Stockholm and Norrtälje. The Kapellskär-Söderarm route needs to be booked in advance.

Booking can be done online on this webpage or by contacting Visit Roslagen on phone number +46 (0) 767-650 660. 



10.00 departure from Stockholm with Sjöbris / Sjögull

13:25 arrival at Kapellskär. Change to Enskärs båttransport

13:30 departure from Kapellskär

14:00 arrival at Söderarm

16:30 departure from Söderarm

17:00 arrival at Kapellskär. Change vessel to Sjöbris / Sjögull

17:10 departure from Kapellskär

20:40 arrival in Stockholm


12:25 bus 631 from Norrtälje Bus Station to Kapellskär

13:13 arrival at Kapellskär

13:30 departure from Kapellskär via Enskärs båttransport

14:00 arrival at Söderarm

16:30 departure from Söderarm

17:00 arrival at Kapellskär.

17:38 departure from Kapellskär by bus 631

18:25 arrival at Norrtälje Bus Station

Tickets and prices:

Kapellskär - Söderarm round trip 220 SEK / person. Book your ticket in advance via Visit Roslagen at, phone number +46 (07)67 650660 or by visiting the Norrtälje Tourist Information Center.

On Söderarm we offer:

Coffee and homemade pastries

Guided tours of the lighthouse

Museum visits

Gift and craft shop

You can get here by vessel Sjögull or Sjöbris departing from Strömkajen in Stockholm and changing at Kapellskär to Enskärs sjötransport going to Söderarm Lighthouse.

Contact information

Söderarms Fyr
Söderarms Fyrplats

Phone: +46-17643212
Mobile: +46-703265833



For more information contact:

Söderarm AB

Anngret Andersson

Tel 0176-43212 or


Take boat Sjögull or Sjöbris from Strömkajen in Stockholm. Go to Kapellskär, change to Enskärs sjötransport towards Söderarm Lighthouse.